Colorado: Final OE5 Tally: 165.8K QHPs (2.6% ahead* of last year)

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Connect for Health Colorado® Reports Plan Selection Totals for 2018 in Line with Target and Nearly Matching Longer 2017 Enrollment Period

DENVER —  More than 165,000 Coloradans selected healthcare coverage for 2018 through the state health insurance Marketplace by the close of Open Enrollment, according to new data released today by Connect for Health Colorado®. 

“These are positive results that show us holding steady and in line with our targets for the year,” said Connect for Health Colorado CEO Kevin Patterson.  “Despite the uncertainty that created some confusion in the market, we have seen volumes that nearly match last year’s longer Open Enrollment Period. I am happy to see so many families and individuals put this protection for their health and financial well-being in place for the year. We will be reporting our results in coming weeks in our annual End of Open Enrollment Report.” 

The Open Enrollment Period for Coloradans who buy their own health insurance was 22 days shorter this year than last year’s period ­— one that was extended three days past the original deadline of January 31, 2017, to accommodate a last-minute rush in sign-ups. The next Open Enrollment Period will begin November 1, 2018.

By the close of this year’s Open Enrollment, Coloradans had selected 165,777 medical insurance plans, an increase of 3 percent over the 160,968 medical plan selections for same date in 2017. When the last Open Enrollment Period closed on Feb. 3, 2017, the number of plan selections had reached 172,361.

Enrollments remain open through March 1, 2018, for anyone whose 2017 health plan was not offered for 2018. In addition, Coloradans who experience a qualifying life change event, such as marriage, divorce, having a child, losing their employer-sponsored insurance, or those moving into Colorado, have 60 days from that event to enroll in 2018 coverage.

Among the 2018 plan selections, 23 percent are by customers who are new to Connect for Health Colorado and 77 percentare renewing customers.


Connect for Health Colorado's official 2017 Open Enrollment QHP selection total was indeed 172,361 as reported on February 6, 2017. This would make CO's OE5 tally 96.2% of last year's total--not bad considering all the insanity and sabotage it was up against this go around.

However, the official 2017 Colorado total according to CMS was somewhat lower: 161,568 QHP selections...which would make this year's 165,777 2.6% ahead of last year.

I'm reporting both, but the bottom line is that it's the CMS report which is the one of record. I have no idea what accounts for the 10,793 discrepancy; if it's SHOP enrollments or standalone dental plans, those shouldn't be counted here for either year. If it's a matter of late cancellations not being included in the CO report but being culled from the CMS report, I'd expect a similar correction to happen this year.

Still, until that's sorted out one way or the other, the official tally for Colorado as of this point in time is indeed 2.6% higher than last year's, making CO the 13th state to surpass their 2017 enrollment total, and the 5th State-Based Exchange to do so.