Maryland: ~140K QHPs; new enrollments up 12%, overall up 4% vs last year

The last update out of Maryland had 2018 QHP selections breaking 130K total, with new enrollments up 10% and overall enrollments up 3% year over year through Nov. 17th.

Just now, the MD Health Connection posted an update through this week:

Incoming exec director Michele Eberle of @MarylandConnect urges Marylanders to enroll in health coverage with 10 days left. New enrollments up 14% this year. Mobile app visitors up 140% Overall enrollment up 4% Keep it going!

— MD Health Connection (@MarylandConnect) December 5, 2017

I'm assuming these stats are as of December 4th. Last year MD's official QHP selection tally as of December 3rd was around 129,000; if they're 4% ahead of that as of the same date, that means they should have a little over 134,000 to date this year.

The fact that new enrollments have continued to inch upwards relative to last year is a good sign as well.

UPDATE: Just received the hard numbers:

As of Dec. 3:

  • Total enrollments (passives + actives + new) = 139,718 (+4% YOY)
  • New enrollments = 20,062, +12% YOY
  • Dental = 12,412, +57% YOY
  • Website + mobile visitors = 666,730, +42% YOY.

OK, so they're actually up a few thousand more than I though (nearly 140K), and that's through one day earlier (12/03, not 12/04), which is good as well, although the new enrollments are apparently only 12% higher, not 14%.