Maryland breaks 130,000 QHP selections; up 3% year over year, new enrollments up 10%

via the Maryland Health Connection:


  • Total Enrollments (active renewal, passive renewal, new): 130,556 (up 3% vs. last year)
  • Active Enrollments (renewals + new): 29,478 (up 98% over last year)
  • New Enrollments: 10,900 (up 10% over last year)
  • Applications: 275,790 (up 13% over last year)
  • Mobile App Visitors: 74,744 (up 110% over last year)

OK, the MD exchange breaks out their numbers slightly differently than I do, but they've provided the numbers necessary to reformat. Like a few other states, they're "front-loading" their auto-renewals, giving the following:

  • 18,578 Active Renewals
  • 101,078 Auto-Renewals
  • 10,900 NEW Enrollees
  • 130,556 TOTAL Enrollments

For clarification: When the MD exchange says that 130,556 is "3% higher than last year", they're talking about at this point in time. Subtract 3% and you get roughly 126.7K as of 11/17/16. Maryland's total enrollment by the end of the 2017 Open Enrollment Period was 157,832.

Maryland is one of the few state-based exchanges sticking to the official 12/15 deadline. Over 100,000 of these folks were auto-renewed, so it's entirely possible that some of them will go into their account and switch to a different plan or cancel their auto-renewals altogether. However, assuming none of them bail, MD has already enrolled 83% as many people for 2018 as they did for 2017, which means they're already slightly ahead of where I'd expect them to be to hit my gloomy "10.0 million national" tally (10.0 / 12.2 = 82%).