Nevada: At least 59 murdered, 527 hospitalized after last night's terrorist massacre.

I don't have much to add except the following:

  • Regardless of the shooter's supposed "motivation", this was a terrorist act, plain and simple.
  • Whatever purpose the NRA may have once had, it no longer serves any function other than aiding & abetting terrorism.
  • Gun violence is absolutely a public health crisis and directly ties to healthcare policy in muliple ways. To name just a few:
    • Gun proponents often like to claim that all we need is "more mental health services". The ACA requires mental health services be covered in all compliant policies.
    • CMS recently announced a Special Enrollment Period would be established for victims of Hurricanes Havey, Irma and Maria. I wonder if they'll set up a similar SEP for victims of gun violence? Probably not.
    • Thanks to Congress allowing CHIP funding to expire, Nevada is among the states which expects their reserve CHIP funds to run out by the end of this year. I hope there weren't any children among the 400+ hospitalized. If there were any among the 50+ murdered, of course, CHIP wouldn't do much for them. Around 69,000 NV children are enrolled in CHIP, or about 2.3% of the total state population. Proportionately speaking, that means the odds are that about a dozen of those hospitalized are CHIP enrollees. Of course, the terrorist massacre happened at a concert at night, so there were probably a lower percentage of children there than the population as a whole, but it's still likely that at least a couple of them are.

Over the weekend, Congress let the funding for CHIP (which covers 9 million kids) lapse. Kids in dark blue states most at risk.

— Sarah Kliff (@sarahkliff) October 2, 2017

UPDATE: The tally is now up to 59 murdered, at least 527 injured, many seriously.