Maryland: 2018 Window Shopping Now Live at the Maryland Health Connection

The Maryland Health Connection is now allowing residents to comparison shop for 2018:

View 2018 health insurance plans and prices now! has already been loaded with plans and prices for 2018, one month before open enrollment begins. The upcoming open enrollment period will run November 1 - December 15. Health coverage will start on January 1, 2018.

  • How do I get an estimate for 2018 health insurance plans?

You can compare plans and prices through a desktop computer browser or by downloading our mobile app, Enroll MHC, on your iPhone or Android.

Click on “Get Started”- this will take you to the application portal. Next, click “Get an Estimate” on the application site. Finally, enter basic information like your county, age and income to see what coverage and financial help you may qualify for. If you choose to get an estimate, the site will take you through a scenario of what plans and pricing you could receive for 2018. You won’t actually be applying for coverage.

  • Will I receive financial help with my health plan?

Nine out of 10 people who enrolled through Maryland Health Connection in 2017 received financial help with their health insurance costs. For 2018, consumers may find their cost of coverage is similar to or even less than this year. The estimated 2.5 million Marylanders who have a pre-existing condition cannot be charged more for coverage.

  • If I’m already enrolled, do I need to do anything?

If you’re already enrolled in a 2017 plan, we still encourage you to browse the new 2018 plans because conditions and prices may have changed slightly. It’s important that you go through the application process during open enrollment and pick the new 2018 plan you’d like. If you decide not to update your account information during open enrollment, you will be automatically enrolled into a plan similar to your 2017 insurance plan.

  • I’m turning 26 this year, do I need to enroll during open enrollment?

No! Turning 26 is a special life event. If you’re turning 26 during open enrollment, feel free to apply; but regardless, you have 60 days from the day you turn 26 to apply. To see other life events that qualify you to apply outside of open enrollment, click here.

One thing about that "automatic renewal" bit: While it's a good policy to have in place for those who forget to actively re-enroll, I strongly advise that EVERYONE actively re-enroll, especially this year.