Washington State: 180K QHPs thru 12/20 (82% of my target)

A few days ago, the Washington State exchange posted their first official enrollment report: 161,381 QHP selections as of 12/13.

Today, as part of a deadline reminder press release (WA is among 3 states which are still letting people sign up for January coverage as late as midnight Friday), they gave a rough update:

The Washington Health Benefit Exchange today is warning customers without 2017 coverage that this Friday, Dec. 23 at 11:59 p.m. is the deadline to sign up for health and dental plans through Washington Healthplanfinder that begin on Jan. 1.

Since the open enrollment period began, more than 180,000 Washingtonians have already selected 2017 Qualified Health Plans (QHP) using Washington Healthplanfinder, including nearly 20,000 residents who signed up for health coverage over the past week. With traffic to www.wahealthplanfinder.org expected to continue rising, customers needing 2017 coverage are directed to submit an application and lock in their plan selection immediately to avoid any potential delays.

OK, so that's a bare minimum of 180,001 QHP selections through 12/20/16. My target for Washington this year is 220K, so they've hit 82% of that.