UPDATE: District of Columbia: 20.5K QHPs thru 12/19 (4,123 new enrollees)

Yay! The DC exchange has issued their first OE4 enrollment report of the year! Boo! It doesn't include renewing enrollees (either active or passive):

DC Health Link Enrollment up Nearly 50% at First Deadline for 2017 Coverage  •  60% of new enrollees are 34 years old and younger

Washington, DC­­ – Today, the DC Health Benefit Exchange Authority (HBX) released preliminary individual marketplace data for the fourth open enrollment period for DCHealthLink.com, the District’s online health insurance marketplace for individuals, families and small businesses.

These preliminary data show that through December 19, 2016:

  • 4,123 new customers have completed their insurance applications and selected a health plan;
  • New enrollments are up 47% over the same time last year (4,123 compared to 2,800);
  • 2,486 of new customers are 34 years old and younger;
  • Customers 34 years old and younger represent 60% of new enrollments compared to 48% of existing customers.

UPDATE: OK, I was sent a link to this slide from the DC exchange's monthly board meeting. The data only runs through 12/11, but the renewal numbers (auto and active) should be the same, so if I add the updated new number to those it should be accurate through the 19th: 15,379 + 988 + 4,123 =  20,490 total QHPs for 2017.