Idaho: 98K QHPs thru 12/15 (88% of my target)

I actually missed this press release because it wasn't posted on their website in the usual spot, but someone at Your Health Idaho just forwarded this to me:

December 16, 2016 • Enrollment Numbers Up at Idaho Health Insurance Exchange

Business as Usual at Your Health Idaho as Enrollment Numbers Climb

BOISE, Idaho - Early enrollment numbers show a record number of Idahoans are enrolling for health insurance through the state-based health insurance exchange, Your Health Idaho. Over 98,000 Idahoans have selected a 2017 health insurance plan since open enrollment began on November 1, 2016. The numbers were announced at today's board of directors' meeting.

Nearly 85 percent of Idahoans currently enrolled in a plan on the exchange receive a tax credit to help offset monthly premium costs. Your Health Idaho is the only place in the state offering individuals premium tax credits.

Despite uncertainty surrounding the future of the Affordable Care Act, Your Health Idaho is projecting more than 100,000 Idahoans will enroll in a health insurance plan for 2017.

“We know change is coming,” said Your Health Idaho Executive Director, Pat Kelly. “While adjustments are studied at the state and federal level, we will continue to focus on providing affordable care to Idahoans. This is the highest we've seen at the halfway mark for open enrollment, and we are encouraged to see 98,000 Idahoans have already selected a plan for next year.”

Unlike many states in the nation, Idahoans in every county can choose from multiple health insurance companies. A total of 225 plans are being offered through the exchange for 2017.

Open enrollment continues through January 31, 2017. Idahoans who need assistance picking a health insurance plan can work with an agent or broker in their area free of charge by visiting and clicking “Find Help Near You”.


Your Health Idaho was established by state law in 2013 to provide an online marketplace where Idaho families and small businesses can go to compare and purchase health insurance. Your Health Idaho is governed by a 19-member board authorized by the Idaho Legislature to set the rules and regulations for implementing a state-based health insurance exchange. For more information, please visit

Pretty cut and dry, really; 98,000 QHPs through 12/15, presumably including auto-renewals given the numbers. Fair enough.

However, it's also worth noting that they really try to stress the "Idaho-centric" and "Idaho-controlled" nature of YHI, which lends some fuel to my speculation from last month that the deep-red Idaho could actually end up being one of the states which ends up keeping their ACA-created state-based exchange even if/when the ACA itself is repealed.

Something to keep an eye on, anyway.

In any event, they're at 98K, which is over 88% of my personal target for Idaho (111,000 QHPs by 1/31/17). Their own 100K projection makes it sound like they're only expecting a trickle more going forward, but read it carefully:

"Your Health Idaho is projecting more than 100,000 Idahoans will enroll in a health insurance plan for 2017."

Remember, around 10% of those 98,000 will likely not end up actually paying their first month's premium, and will therefore not actually be enrolled in an effectuated policy come January. In order to get 100K actually effectuated, you'd need around...111,000 QHP selections.