Minnesota: 41.9K QHPs, 44.4K Medicaid/MinnesotaCare

Hmmm...MNsure has issued a press release containing their latest enrollment numbers...but I'm a little confused about the "thru date", which is pretty important as we're ramping up for the final days before the 12/15 deadline for January coverage:

Since the start of open enrollment, there have been:

  • 41,882 enrollments in private health coverage completed
  • 10,803 MinnesotaCare eligibility determinations
  • 33,637 Medical Assistance eligibility determinations
  • 1,111,734 visits to MNsure.org
  • 192,056 sessions or visits on the comparison shopping tool
  • 21,781 page views on the Assisters page – demonstrating that Minnesotans are exploring those options
  • 48,045 accounts created
  • 68,183 applications completed

The numbers are pretty straightforward. The problem is that the PR release date at the top is November 30th...even though they had just stated the enrollment number as 29,783 just 2 days earlier. I know Minnesota has been enrolling people much faster this year than last due to their unique enrollment cap policy, but over 12,000 in just 2 days seems highly unlikely, seeing how the deadline isn't until this Thursday. In addition, I know that this new update didn't come out until today because I check all of the exchange sites every day.

More likely, the 41.9K figure is as of last night (12/11), which would make more sense; my OE4 target for Minnesota is 86,000 QHP selections, and I'd normally expect them to have reached around 40% of that as of yesterday (34.4K), which would put them 22% ahead of my projection for the moment.