How many Trump voters ordered Face-Eating Leopards anyway?

Yesterday, over at the NY Times, Paul Krugman, writing about the supposedly imminent repeal of the Affordable Care Act, tried to answer the question "How many people just shot themselves in the face?"

After giving it several shots, a Twitter follower of mine suggested that he bring me in on the issue:

@paulkrugman You really need state-level data (hint: @charles_gaba). Trumpier states didn't expand Medicaid or encourage/support exchanges.

— (((MikeRose))) (@MikeRose2d) November 29, 2016

In my latest exclusive post over at, I did my best to come up with the answer. Check it out!

IMPORTANT: There's a large spreadsheet graphic embedded within the post where I show the data I used to come up with both the national and state-level estimates I did. I couldn't work all of the source links into the entry itself, so the rest can be found here:

Medicaid Expansion Estimates:

Special/Bulk Medicaid Transfers