Open, Open, Open!! (UPDATED)

(judging from the Mervyn's ad campaign, white middle-class suburban women were the only ones who bought clothing in the '90's....)

With Open Enrollment 2017 just 11 days away and the books closed on my Average Rate Hike project (don't worry, I'll fill in the remaining 10 states later but with 41 states accounted for, I think I've made my point), I figured it'd be a good point to take a look at which of the ACA exchange websites are already open for 2017 window shopping and which ones aren't:

You can comparison shop, but there's no "start date" option listed, and the alerts below certainly make it seem like the current window shopping is purely for those seeking Special Enrollment Period coverage for the balance of 2016, not 2017.

You can shop around, but there's no "2017" option...and the financial assistance form still asks for 2016 income.

You can comparison shop, but there's no "start date" option listed.