Maryland: *Approved* 2017 avg. rate hikes: 24.8% (vs. 28% requested)

Thanks to "M E" in the comments for the heads up regarding Maryland's approved rate hikes:

The cost of health insurance plans offered under the Affordable Care Act will jump 20 percent or more next year under rates to be announced Friday by Maryland regulators.

His remarks came as the Maryland Insurance Administration approved double-digit rate increases for the four companies that sell health plans through the state exchange, an online marketplace set up under the law for people who cannot buy coverage through their employer.

...CareFirst, which holds 68 percent of the market, received an average hike of 31.4 percent on its PPO plan and 23.7 percent on its HMO — the highest increases of any insurer.

...Rates in Maryland also have been typically lower than those nationally under the Affordable Care Act, so there could be some normalizing going on, said John Holahan, a fellow in the Urban Institute's Health Policy Center.

"Maryland rates have been lower than the rest of the nation so it seems some catching up should be expected," said Holahan.

The administration ordered Evergreen Health Cooperative to increase its rates by 20.3 percent, much higher than the 8.8 percent the health care company initially requested. Even so, it was the smallest increase among the insurers.

The article doesn't specify the approved rates for the other two carriers (Cigna and Kaiser), but as "M E" pointed out, it does state that CareFirst is the highest and Evergreen is the lowest, so Cigna/Kaiser should fall somewhere in between 20.3% and 23.7%....or right around 22% each. That makes the final table look like so: