Off-Topic: Stupidity Smackdown: A Play in Three Tweets

OK, this is about xenophobia, bigotry, antisemitism and stupidity, not healthcare...but I couldn't resist:

The woman who wants to be the next President of the United States is not wearing an American flag lapel pin tonight. #DemsInPhilly

— Katie Pavlich (@KatiePavlich) July 29, 2016

@KatiePavlich no but Bill has one in arabic from last night...

— Michael Lowerre (@bigmikeinfla) July 29, 2016

@bigmikeinfla @KatiePavlich That's Hebrew

— Dan Mangan (@_DanMangan) July 29, 2016




All I can add is that this reminds me, of all things, of the 1980's teen sex comedy "Porky's" (yes, that's right):

Tim: Anybody wanna go fly a kite with me tonight? I hear it's great weather for flying KITES! I wonder if there's any KITES around here we can fly!

Brian: Hey listen, Cavanaugh. It's not kite, it's KIKE! K-I-K-E, "kike." You know, you're too stupid to even be a good bigot.