Colorado: June enrollment report released, proceed with caution.

I've been trying to figure out how to read Connect for Health Colorado's enrollment reports for months now, and I thought I had finally cleared things up last month....only to have that rug completely yanked out from under me by CMS's Q1 Effectuation Report, which stated that C4HCO only had 108,311 people actually enrolled in effectuated healthcare policies as of 3/31/16 rather than the 115,890 they seemed to be reporting at the time...which, combined with other confusing numbers, made the May report's 143,430 figure seem awfully suspicious.

With that in mind, while the June report seems to indicate an effectuated QHP number of 152,683 (when you combine the "Effectuated Enrollments w/APTC" and "Effectuated Enrollments without APTC"), I'm no longer even gonna try to claim that this is accurate. I'm presenting the report for the record anyway, however: