UPDATED: 2017 Rate Request Early Look: Connecticut

Hat Tip To: 
Junaed S

Thanks to commenter "Junaed S" who directed me towards this simple, cut 'n dry PDF from the Connecticut Dept. of Insurance detailing the requested rate hikes for the CT individual and small group markets for 2017:

That's about as clear as you can make it...and they even break the numbers out by on & off exchange, which makes it easy to also note that there are currently at least 120,571 people enrolled in exchange QHPs in Connecticut (more like 122,000, actually, since UnitedHealthcare enrolled about 2,300 people via the exchange but is dropping out of the CT market next year). This is actually newsworthy itself, since only 116,000 selected QHPs during 2016 open enrollment; if effectuated enrollment is higher than it was on 1/31, that's noteworthy.

Anyway, add them all up and here's what you get:

UPDATED 7/4/16: Ugh. Well, it looks like HealthyCT is the latest Co-Op to go under, which means that I have to scratch the HealthyCT lines off of both the Individual and Small Group tables above, moving them into the "shop around" section.

Since HealthyCT was asking for 12% hikes on the indy market and just 5% for small group plans, the average requested rate hikes nudge upwards a bit more for each, to 22.2% and 15.0% respectively: