Colorado: Effectuated QHPs holding steady at 143K (w/caveat)

As I've noted the past few times that I've posted Colorado enrollment report updates, the way they report their numbers can be very confusing...which is doubly frustrating since the reports are also chock full of useful data as well.

Anyway, according to their latest report, when you add up the "effectuated enrollments WITH and WITHOUT APTC/CSR" (medical only), it totals 143,430 people as of June 9th, 2016...a slight drop from the 146,000 figure as of the end of April. As I noted last month, however:

 I've heard back from the exchange; they confirm that the 146K are currently effectuated, but did clarify that the number includes "some" standalone dental policies (but no SHOP enrollments). Without knowing how many are standalone dental, I can't pin the exact number down. The monthly report lists 32,714 Dental enrollees, but most of those are bundled with full QHPs, so that's not a useful number either. Anyway, the currently-effectuated Colorado QHP-only number continues to be a mystery, but I'm gonna let it go at this point.

The larger point here is really that CO's QHP enrollment has remained pretty stable over the past few months (note that the line graph below includes standalone Dental plans and is cumulative, which means it doesn't subtract out those who have dropped their policies along the way: