Massachusetts: Effectuated exchange QHPs up between 5% - 14% since OE3

The Massachusetts Health Connector has posted their latest monthly enrollment report, and the news is good. As I note every month:

Unlike most states, the Massachusetts Health Connector has not only seen no net attrition since the end of Open Enrollment, but has actually seen a net increase in enrollment...mainly due to their unique "ConnectorCare" policies, which are fully Qualified Health Plans (QHPs) but have additional financial assistance for those who qualify and which are available year-round instead of being limited to the open enrollment period.

The amount of the increase depends on which "official" number you start with; the MA exchange claimed 196,554 people as of 1/31/16...while the ASPE report gives it as 213,883 as of the next day....yet their March report claims 208,000 effectuated enrollees as of February.

Therefore, depending on which number you use as your starting point, their enrollment as of June 1st is up either 5%, 7.5% or 13.8% to date, and currently stands at 223,778 effectuated QHP enrollees. More interestingly, if you look at the charts below, you'll note that even when you remove the ConnectorCare plans and stick to "standard" QHPs which can only be enrolled in during open enrollment for most people, the current enrollment number is still up slightly (around 1.5% since March, and up 5.1% since February), which I actually wasn't expecting.

Data geeks, go nuts!