UPDATE: 2017 Rate Request Early Look: Nevada

Can I first say that I absolutely love the way Nevada's rate filing database is set up, especially their (apparently proprietary and mandatory) filing format system?

Unlike the standard SERFF database, which is comprehensive but also can be confusing as hell, Nevada's system is simple, clean, easy to navigate and, most of all, every single carrier filing listed displays the number of current enrollees clearly. This is a huge pet peeve of mine, which is understandable given what I'm trying to do here!

OK, that said, here's what things look like in the Silver State:

Last year, a 15.0% average rate hike (requested or not) would be considered bad news. This year it's actually at the lower end of the scale so far. The numbers seem to add up as well--around 88,000 people enrolled via the exchange this year, so the other 45K are off-exchange, and Nevada's total indy market was around 118K in 2014, likely up to around 145K today including grandfathered policies, all of which seems right.

In fact, the only "missing" data here appears to be UnitedHealthcare. While United is dropping out of over 30 states, they're supposedly sticking around on the on-exchange individual market in Nevada next year...but I can't find any filings for them on the indy market, only small group. Either they meant they'll be available on the small group market in Nevada only, or they haven't submitted their 2017 rate filing yet, or they changed their mind and are pulling out after all. I'll have to look into this.

UPDATE: OK, I've been informed that "Health Plan of Nevada" is actually UnitedHealthcare operating under a different name, so I guess that resolves that mystery...