Molina reports 630K exchange QHPs, up 2.4x over Q1 2015 (+ some Humana/Cigna data)

Hat Tip To: 
Adam Cancryn

Thanks to Adam Cancryn for calling my attention to Molina's quarterly earnings report, which has this rather eye-opening section:

I've used Molina's Q1 2016 report, along with the Q4 2015 reports of Cigna and Humana, to further fill in the "Major Insurer" table I've been working on all this week; here's what it looks like now:

Unlike Centene, which saw massive growth primarily due to their buyout of HealthNet, I don't think Molina merged with anyone this year; if they did, please let me know in the comments. The only other factor I can think of is that they may have simply expanded into a lot of new states this year? Anyway, that's where things stand.