Idaho: FInal OE3 total breaks 100K QHPs (5.4% increase over 2015)

And Then There Were Two...

The final 2016 Open Enrollment Period exchange-based QHP selection numbers have been posted for just about every state for a couple of weeks now...but until today, there were still 3 states with missing data: Idaho, New York and Vermont.

Unfortunately, both NY and VT are still AWOL, but moments ago Idaho scratched itself off the list with the following press release:

Your Health Idaho Reaches Record Enrollment
Idaho has second largest per capita enrollment in the U.S.

BOISE, Idaho – Your Health Idaho today announced that 102,353 Idahoans have enrolled in Qualified Health Plans for 2016 through the state’s health exchange.

Idaho had just over 97,000 QHP selections last year, so this is about a 5% increase. Not fantastic, but not terrible; this puts ID in between Kansas and New Mexico in terms of year over year enrollment increases.

In any event, I can at least plug in one more data point.

Data released by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services shows Idaho ranks second in the nation for per capita enrollments. Only Florida’s per capita enrollment figures were higher.

“This is our strongest enrollment to date,” said Your Health Idaho Executive Director Pat Kelly. “What’s especially significant is that Idaho is again leading the nation in per capita enrollment among state-based exchanges. We are helping more Idahoans than ever find affordable coverage for themselves and their families.”

Consumers had until January 31 to enroll for healthcare coverage for 2016. Unlike some other states, no enrollment extensions were granted in Idaho. Consumers who enrolled by the deadline had until February 15 to select their plan.

Hmmm...this is interesting, actually; it sounds like Idaho's exchange works a bit differently in terms of the deadlines for "signing up", "selecting a plan" and actually making payments.

In addition to the high per capita enrollment, Your Health Idaho’s establishment costs continue to be the lowest of any state-based exchange. “We are thrilled to be growing our enrollment while maintaining a financially conservative approach.”

Now that open enrollment has ended, Idahoans must have a life-changing event, such as getting married or moving, to be eligible for a special enrollment period through Your Health Idaho. For information, please visit Your Health