Connecticut final OE3 tally: 116K QHPs

Very nicely done, Access Health CT:

In all, 116,019 Connecticut residents signed up for private insurance through the state’s health insurance exchange, Access Health CT, during the open enrollment period that ended last week, officials said Monday.

That figure is slightly higher than the 110,095 who signed up during last year’s enrollment period and exchange officials’ goal for this year of signing up 105,000 to 115,000.

Connecticut only improved over last year by about 5.4%, but much of that is because, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation, CT only had around 62,000 uninsured people eligible for APTC assistance to begin with (they also have around 100K more uninsured who'd have to pay full price if they enrolled via the exchanges, but those people can get the same policies off-exchange anyway, and many very well might have done just that).

In addition, approximately 41,000 people applied for Medicaid through the exchange during the open enrollment period, which ran from Nov. 1 through Feb. 1. Another 217,000 people renewed their Medicaid coverage through Access Health.

Among those signed up for private insurance coverage, 78 percent – 90,615 people – will receive federal financial assistance to discount their premiums.

...The types of plans customers picked stayed relatively steady. Just over 61 percent of customers signed up for mid-level silver plans, compared to 59.5 percent last year. Twelve percent selected gold plans – which have higher premiums but lower deductibles and other cost-sharing for members to pay when they get care – compared to 15 percent last year, while 23 percent picked bronze plans – which have the lowest premiums available to most people but the highest deductibles – compared to 22 percent last year.

...On average, Wadleigh said, customers are 3.5 years younger than last year.

...According to Access Health, 19,499 of those who signed up were new customers – that is, they did not have a user account with the exchange before Nov. 1.