CMS releases just about every interesting number EXCEPT the final QHP total...

OK, this was actually sent out on January 29th, but since it sounds like CMS won't be revealing the final OE3 tally until Thursday or Friday, this will have to tide everyone over:

By the Numbers: Open Enrollment

Since Open Enrollment for the Health Insurance Marketplace began on November 1, about 11.6 million people have signed up for or renewed a health plan (2.7 million through State-based Marketplaces through December 26 and over 8.9 million through or through January 23) that meets their needs and fits their budget.

Note: Obviously these numbers are a bit out of date; I've confirmed 11.86 million nationally, or around 260,000 more via the state-based exchanges than CMS has officially reported so far.

...This fact sheet provides a point-in-time estimate as of January 28, except where noted, of the many numbers behind the 2016 Open Enrollment period.

60 percent: The share of returning 2015 consumers who came back to and actively reenrolled and switched to a different plan for 2016 through December 26.

$516: The average savings per year for the 60 percent of all people who actively reenrolled in a Marketplace plan for 2016 through who switched to a different plan through December 26.

$294: In the 38 states using, the average monthly tax credit for people who qualify for financial assistance to lower the cost of their premiums through December 26.

83%: The percentage of Marketplace consumers who qualified for tax credits to make their monthly premiums more affordable through December 26 of open enrollment.

10: The number of issuers the average consumer has in their state, up from 9 in 2015 and 8 in 2014 in the states using

50: The average number of plans consumers can choose from this year in the states using

3.6 million: Consumers who have used’s new Doctor Lookup and Prescription Drug look up features to more easily search for the plan that matches their needs.

13.2 million: Total calls answered at the Marketplace call center through January 23 during this Open Enrollment season.

25.4 million: Unique users who visited

250: Local television and radio interviews from the President, the First Lady, Secretary Burwell, and HHS and Administration officials.

48: Trips taken by Administration officials to visit local events and raise awareness about Open Enrollment.

37%: Consumers who visited through a mobile device or tablet.

73%: Consumers who visited through a mobile device or tablet.

Huh. Now that's interesting. is the Spanish-language version of Granted, 17x as many people have visited, but still, nearly 1.5 million have visited, so it's a solid number to look at. For whatever reason, visitors are twice as likely to use a smartphone or tablet to visit the Spanish language version than the English version.

I have no idea what significance that has in terms of demographics or cultural differences, but it's noteworthy. 

1 billion+: Impressions from our television and radio campaigns through January 28. (Check out the TV ads here: See Your Savings; My Story, My Savings; Cuidado deSalud: Find Your Savings; Cuidado de Salud: La Mayoría).

3.49+ billion: Twitter impressions garnered by the #GetCovered social media campaign.

21.6+ million: Total text messages sent by to consumers interested in learning more about their health care options.

35: Average number of emails received per consumer with important reminders about their coverage, deadlines and financial help.

If my own experience is anything to judge by, it's more like 100 or so...

15,000+: Certified application counselors, navigators and in-person assisters on the ground in communities across the nation working to educate and enroll individuals in Marketplace coverage.

79,000: Agents and brokers on the ground in communities across the nation working to educate and enroll individuals in Marketplace coverage.

3,100+: National, state and local partners helping to communicate information about the Health Insurance Marketplace.

8,200+: Number of public enrollment events that have taken place in communities across the country.

22,300+: Number of letters written to the President through January 2016 thanking him for the Affordable Care Act since mid-2013 alone.