UPDATED: Maryland: 155K QHPs thru 1/20

No official press release, but this was just posted on Twitter a few minutes ago:

We have 155,000 already enrolled this year, up 60% from last year! @MarylandConnect @BMore_Healthy @HCAMaryland pic.twitter.com/oyqtiA3ccW

— Leana Wen, M.D. (@DrLeanaWen) January 21, 2016

Maryland had previously reported just over 150,000 QHPs as of 12/28/15, so this sounds about right: Around 5,000 more people in the first 3 weeks of January, with 10 days left to go (I'm not sure what date the 155K figure is through, I'll assume that's as of last night). That's roughly 220 per day.

Assuming no final week surge of any sort, Maryland should add roughly 2,200 more people by the 31st, but I'm guessing it'll be closer to another 5K, for perhaps 160K in the end.

However, I'm not sure what she means by "up 60% from last year". Maryland's 2015 tally was 120K, so this is around a 29% increase, not 60%. Perhaps she's referring to the increase in new enrollees only, which sounds more likely sense.

I'll update this with the official number as soon as they post something, which I assume is forthcoming.

UPDATE: OK, I've confirmed the official number as of 1/20/16 is 155,701 QHP selections (85,581 Active, 70,120 Passive Renewals), 24,797 Dental plans and 297,113 added to Medicaid via the exchange.