Rhode Island: 32,840 QHPs thru 12/19 (includes autorenewals)

As I note every week, between Rhode Island's tiny population, tinier ACA exchange numbers and especially their decision to "front-load" autorenewals of all current enrollees ahead of the 12/23 deadline for January coverage, their official QHP selection tally is only going up a few hundred per week. Week Seven is no diffferent:


  • 32,840 individuals are enrolled in 2016 coverage through HSRI, paid and unpaid.
  • Nearly all of these individuals are current HSRI enrollees that have been autorenewed into a 2016 plan.
  • 3,072 of the 32,840 individuals have selected a plan for 2016 coverage, and are new to HSRI this year or returning after being enrolled with HSRI at some point during a prior year.

Last week's number was 31,981, so this is a net gain of 859 for the week. However, the new enrollee total is actually 883 higher than last week, which means that 27 more of those who were auto-renewed decided to opt out instead, which is fine.

I've set an #OE3 QHP selection target of 36,000 for Rhode Island, so they'll have to add another 3,160 over the next 6 weeks to hit it, or an average of 527 per week. However, unlike most states, Rhode Island residents still have until 12/23 to enroll in time for January coverage. If they gained a net of 859 this week, I could easily see perhaps another 1,500 or so in these final 4 days.

SHOP ENROLLMENT As of December 19, 2015:

  • Small employer accounts created: 2,201
  • Small employer applications completed: 777
  • Small employer enrollment (paid): 560
  • These employers represent 3,874 covered lives