Connecticut: No hard update, but looking very good...

The Connecticut ACA exchange, AccessHealthCT, hasn't given out any official OE3 enrollment updates since November 17th. At the time, their official number appeared to be absurdly high because, like Rhode Island and Massachusetts, CT decided to "front-load" their auto-renewals up front. This is purely a record-keeping/reporting thing, because any of those who have been auto-renewed could still cancel their renewals at any time before January, so it doesn't really impact what the final number ends up being.

Anyway, as of 11/17, Connecticut's official tally was 93,657 current enrollees renewing (either actively or automatically), plus another 5,470 new additions, for a total of 99,127.

Of course, not only does this number not include a solid month's worth of data, the final week of that missing period was last week's mid-December deadline surge. Unlike and several other states, CT did not extend their 12/15 deadline for January coverage, although of course residents still have until 1/15 to sign up for February coverage, and until 1/31 to get covered starting in March.

Anyway, while this article doesn't give any new enrollment numbers, it does set the stage for some impressive gains over the past few weeks:

A surge of last-minute traffic on the federal insurance exchange left nearly a million Americans unable to complete their applications by the deadline this week.

A similar logjam took place on Connecticut’s marketplace, Access Health CT, leaving about 2,000 applications unfinished by the deadline.

...Connecticut’s marketplace didn’t extend the deadline, but a spokeswoman for the site said anyone who started an application by the deadline would be eligible for coverage by Jan. 1.

“There was a massive amount of people trying to enroll or re-enroll by the deadline and it did cause slowness with the system,” said Access Health spokeswoman Kathleen Tallarita in an email. “Again, we do want everyone to know that if they tried to file an application online or were in our phone queue or left a message with AHCT, we are working to get every one one of them enrolled for the Jan. 1, 2016, coverage date.”

So, to reiterate, in addition to the 99,127 confirmed enrollees as of 11/17, we have:

  • a "massive" number of people trying to get signed up by the 12/15 deadline.
  • 2,000 of whom have partially-completed applications who are being worked with to complete the process.

The CT exchange's official target is between 105,000 -115,000 people, though I'm not sure if that's QHP selections (the main number I'm tracking) or effectuated enrollees, which would mean more like 116 - 127K selections. My own target for Connecticut is 125K.

Based on the two bullet points above, I'm pretty confident that CT will be able to pull off this number, but we'll have to see...the article (from late Thursday night) states that the updated numbers should have been available by Friday, but I haven't seen anything public yet...