Maryland: 2016 Enrollment Target Already Reached! 150K QHPs thru 12/15

Wow!! Impressive!!

Enrollments thru 12/15: 28,270 new + 121,495 active & passive renewals = 149,765. + Medicaid since 11/1 = #QuarterMillionMarylanders Covered

— MD Health Connection (@MarylandConnect) December 17, 2015

As I noted last month, according to the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange's October board meeting slideshow, their official projection for OE3 QHP enrollment is...150,000 people.

In other words, like Massachusetts, Maryland has already hit the target for the 2016 Open Enrollment just halfway through the period. The difference is that Massachusetts never really issued their own formal target (well, OK, technically Maryland needs 235 more people...)

Of course, there could still be some opt-outs among those who were auto-renewed, and as usual, around 10% of the total likely won't bother paying their first premium and won't be officially enrolled at all, but that's true of every state and is a different calculation.

In any event, for comparison, Maryland is already 25% higher than their 2015 open enrollment total of 120K.

Bear in mind that Maryland residents who "started the enrollment process" by Tuesday night still have until tomorrow evening (12/18) to complete the process for January coverage. After that, their coverage will start in February. Massachusetts residents still have until next Wednesday (12/23) to sign up for January coverage.