Maryland: 31,740 QHPs as of 12/01 (+100K potential autorenewals)

In addition to the big Week 4 Snapshot released about an hour ago, the Maryland exchange has also updated their numbers:

With two weeks to go before the Dec. 15 deadline for full 2016 health coverage, 31,740 people have enrolled in private health plans through Maryland Health Connection as of Dec. 1.

About 71 percent, or 22,477, were enrolled in silver plans, which provide savings in the form of advance premium tax credits and cost-sharing reductions for those eligible to lower their cost..

In total, 139,244Marylanders have enrolled in coverage through the state’s health insurance marketplace since open enrollment began on Nov. 1. That includes 107,504 enrolled in Medicaid, which accepts applicants year-round.

Also, 8,880 individuals have enrolled in dental plans which are available for the first time through for 2016. Of those, 4,022 people enrolled in dental along with a qualified health plan (QHP), 2,756 enrolled in dental along with Medicaid and 2,102 enrolled in a stand-alone dental plan.

Those figures do not include roughly 100,000 people who enrolled through Maryland Health Connection in 2015 and are eligible for “passive” renewal into their same plan in January 2016.

Dec. 15 is the deadline to enroll for coverage to begin Jan. 1. Open enrollment concludes on Jan. 31 for coverage beginning March 1. Maryland Health Connection received more than 190,000 phone calls and more than 240,000 website visitors during the first month of this open enrollment.

Unfortunately, they didn't break out the 31,740 between active re-enrollees and new additions, but they did throw in an interesting tidbit: There are 100,000 current QHP enrollees who are still currently effectuated but who haven't actively re-enrolled as of yet.

I know that as of June 30, Maryland had exactly 120,517 QHP enrollees. As of September 30, this was exactly 100 higher, at 120,517, so it's safe to say that the number of Marylanders currently enrolled in exchange plans should be very close to 120,000.

If there's 100,000 of those who haven't actively re-enrolled yet, that means that around 20,000 of them have done so, so the 31,740 should be broken out roughly 2:1 between active renewals and new additions (around 20K renewed, 11.7K new). This would be in line with the 2:1 ratio via HealthCare.Gov.

In any event, this means that Maryland has hit 21% of their 2016 QHP selection target (150K), and assuming all 100,000 of the current enrollees do renew (either actively or automatically), they should be guaranteed at least 132K or so, or 88% of that target.