Maryland: 25K QHPs in first 23 days

The Maryland Health Benefit Exchange has released a new updated tally:

Nearly 25,000 people have enrolled in private qualified health plans (QHP) through Maryland Health Connection for 2016.

As of Nov. 23, 19,675 Marylanders had enrolled in private coverage with some or most of their premium costs next year to be offset by advance tax credits. Another 5,310 enrolled in qualified health plans without tax credits. Nearly 72 percent, or 17,960, were enrolled in SIlver plans.

That's 24,985 QHPs total in 23 days, or 1,086 per day.

In addition, 1,708 people have enrolled in stand-alone dental plans and 5,235 more have enrolled in dental along with health coverage for a total of 6,943 with dental coverage next year.

Also, 87,941 were enrolled in Medicaid since Nov. 1 through Maryland Health Connection.

Open enrollment for 2016 coverage began on Nov. 1. Dec. 15 is the deadline to enroll for coverage to begin Jan. 1. And open enrollment concludes on Jan. 31 for coverage beginning March 1. Maryland Health Connection has received more than 150,000 phone calls and more than 190,000 website visitors since Nov. 1.

Maryland's updates to date have been:

  • 1,701 on the first day
  • 8,537 in the first 3 days (2,846 per day)
  • 10,867 in the first 9 days (1,207 per day)
  • 24,985 in the first 23 days (1,086 per day)

This is kind of interesting...Maryland's average daily rate is slowing down, even as the larger HealthCare.Gov rate is ramping up:

  • 543K the first week (77.6K/day)
  • 535K the second week (76.4K/day)
  • 568K the third week (81.1K/day)

Not sure what to make of that, if anything.

In any event, Maryland has now reached 1/6th of their projected OE3 total in 1/4th of the enrollment period...but bear in mind that this doesn't include any autorenewals, which should kick in around 12/17.