PUBLIC NOTICE: Wisconsin: Common Ground Co-Op *FULLY OPERATIONAL* for OE3!

If you're one of the ACA-created CO-OPs which isn't going out of business, I have to imagine that it's a tough enough job convincing current enrollees to stick with you right now, much less convincing new customers to give you a shot. I mean, look at it from the perspective of someone needing coverage; they're probably gonna be jumpy about signing up with one of the CO-OPs, fearing that they might be shut down just a few weeks/months later, right?

Well, for Common Ground, the Wisconsin CO-OP, which isn't going out of business and which is accepting both renewals as well as new customers right now, this can't be helping matters (from an email just sent to me today):

Copy of email sent by Common Ground Healthcare Co-op (Wisconsin).... 

November 3, 2015

If you called the Marketplace and were told that our plans are not available for 2016, you were given INCORRECT information.

A technical glitch has occurred which is preventing Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative plans from displaying on for a short period of time. We have been told this will be remedied during the week of November 8.

While Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative (CGHC) health insurance products are most definitely available for purchase both on and off the federal Marketplace in 2016, our rates are currently not available for viewing. If you called the Marketplace and were told that our plans are not available, you were given incorrect information. 

If you moved to a different health insurance carrier for 2016 because you were given the wrong information, please know that you can change back to Common Ground Healthcare before December 15, 2015 to keep your plan for 2016. You can switch your plan as many times as you want during open enrollment.

Our plans and rates are available on our quoting website at (click on the “Get and Instant Quote” button) if you’d like to view our plans there.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.