Colorado: Effectuated QHP enrollments continue to increase: Now at 141.9K

Colorado's official QHP selection total as of 2/21/15 was 140,327, and as of the end of April, it was up to 146,506...of which 129,055 were actually effectuated as of 4/30.

While their reports have always been comprehensive, they were also a bit confusing. Thankfully, starting with their June report, they've made the appropriate data points a bit more obvious. While the QHP selection total is still confusing, the effectuated number (which is really more relevant at this point) is the combination of APTC/CSR + non-APTC/CSR enrollees, or 74,583 + 59,617 = 134,200 people as of the end of June.

And that trend has continued since June. As of the end of September, the Colorado exchange had 77,946 APTC/CSR-receiving effectuated enrollees + 63,905 non-APTC/CSR enrollees = 141,851 CO residents enrolled in effectuated private exchange policies.

This is a 10% increase over April, which is especially noteworthy because Colorado is one of only 3 states which didn't allow a special tax season enrollment period last spring.