Louisiana: *Requested* 2016 weighted avg. rate hikes: 15.4%

Louisiana's Insurance Dept. website is refreshingly complete: It includes every company on the individual & small group market, lists both the requested and approved rate hikes, and includes direct links to the filings which list the actual total enrollment in a clear-cut, consistent fashion.

In fact, the only data missing is some of the approved rate hikes; they've only posted the approved numbers for 3 of the 5 small group listings and 1 of the 10 individual listings, making it impossible to plug in the approved weighted average. However, the requested average is complete: About 15.4% for the individual market and 9.4% for the small group market.

The only thing which bothers me a bit is that Louisiana's total ACA-compliant individual market should be closer to 225,000 people, after adding the expected 2015 growth (cancelled out by the grandfathered/transitional policies), while the total enrollment tally below only adds up to about 166,000 including the 17K on the defunct LA COOP. If I find out where this discrepancy comes from I'll post an update, but in the meantime it looks like LA is facing around a 15.4% hike on the indy market.