A Quick Update re. Luis Lang

Remember Mr. Lang?

Well, it turns out that at least one of the claims from the original article about him which went viral back in May has been corrected by the paper which ran the story...3 months later:


Luis Lang, the subject of a May 13 story centering on his struggle to find someone to pay for eye surgery, did not specifically blame President Obama for his inability to get insurance through the Affordable Care Act. He says he blames Washington and state politicians for gaps in the system.

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Hmm. Not sure that I'd call 3 months "promptly" but fair enough.

As for Mr. Lang himself, here's his latest updates on his medical situation from over the past month:

Sorry It has been a while since I have posted a update. It has been because of my health my vision is down to about 25% now. I have good news and bad news. First the good news I have already started treatment on my eyes now for the bad news. On my recent blood test it showed that I was in stage 3 kidney failure. So now I have to have treatment on that as well as to go see a heart and circulation doctor. I will do updates as quickly as I have them.

Ok the latest blood work is in on my kidneys. y grf is low and my bun and crea. is high. I have started work on my eyes and I am going back to the doctors on wed the 5. But with the funds that I have raised so far I will have to choose between my eyes or my kidneys I will let you know what happens at my next doctors appointment. Thank you and god bless for all of your support and prayers.