UPDATED: Colorado: 146.5K QHPs, 88% Paid, 124.7K currently effectuated

Colorado just released an updated enrollment report bringing things all the way up through April 30th...and as always, CO's report is both extremely comprehensive and extremely confusing at the same time.

Here's the relevant section:

The numbers, as I noted last time, need to be parsed quite a bit, since some of the numbers mix in SHOP (small business) enrollees while others mix in Dental coverage (which we all know is a big no-no!!)

If I'm reading/understanding this correctly, it looks like it breaks out to:

  • 128,154 currently effectuated individual QHPs, out of
  • 146,506 paid individual QHPs, out of
  • 149,997 total QHP selections, for a whopping 97.7% payment rate!

However, I could be misreading this. If so, that would be 146,506 paid / 152,457 total, or 96% paid, which would still be fantastic.

Heck, even if I'm completely off base, the absolute worst-case scenario would be 130,614 / 152,457, or 85.7% paid...which would be disappointing but hardly a disaster.

In any event, CO's SHOP enrollment number, which I had down as 3,716 as of the end of February, appears to have dropped substantially to just 2,460.

UPDATE: OK, after discussing this further with Louise Norris and the Colorado Exchange representative directly, it looks like I was misreading this after all. Apparently it's actually:

  • 152,457 minus 3,491 (dental only) minus 2,460 (SHOP) = 146,506 individual/family health QHP selections...which is the number on the 7th line of the dashboard.
  • Of those, the paid enrollments appear to be 70,671 (w/tax credits) + 58,384 (no credits) = 129,055 paid QHPs
  • Finally, it looks like the currently effectuated QHPs are 130,614 (minus) 3,491 (minus) 2,460 = 124,663 effectuated QHPs

That means roughly an 88% payment rate, which is right on target.