UPDATE: Maryland: #BaltimoreUprising NOT impacting ACA enrollment

The Maryland Health Connection posted the following tweet at around noon Tuesday:

ALERT: Our call center has closed today due to the city disturbances. Find in-person help: http://t.co/HYoHhs8uRf

— MD Health Connection (@MarylandConnect) April 28, 2015

However, any impact on actual ACA enrollments should be nominal.

Maryland had 120,145 QHP selections during open enrollment. Assuming my combined #ACATaxTime + "normal" Off-Season enrollment rate estimate of roughly 10,500 people per day nationally (through Thursday the 30th, anyway) is accurate, MD's share of this should be roughly 1% of this, or around 108 people per day at the moment. Even then, only around 1/3 of the total would be specifically for the tax season special enrollment period (the others would presumably just be delayed by a few days).

In other words, even in a worst-case scenario (something so disruptive that the website/exchange itself had to be shut down for the final 3 days of the tax season SEP), you'd likely only be talking about perhaps 100 people total not making it under the wire. I'm mostly posting about this just to call attention to the fact that a) There's still 2 days left for #ACATaxTime Enrollment in Maryland (along with 45 other states) and b) If any MD residents have trouble getting through to the exchange hotline, this explains why.

UPDATE 4/29/15: OK, never mind, all is well today:

@acasignups Call center open as usual today! No impact to online enrolling. Thx for spreading word on 2 days left for #ACATaxTime Enrollment

— MD Health Connection (@MarylandConnect) April 29, 2015