Michigan: ACA Medicaid expansion FINALLY tapped out: Drops back down to 573K

For months now, Michigan's implementation of the Affordable Care Act's Medicaid expansion provision has defied expectations, enrolling far more than the 477K - 500K expected. A couple of weeks ago it managed to break the 600,000 mark, peaking at 603,681 people, and I've been wondering for quite awhile when the growth might finally stop.

The answer appears to be, "the first week of April":

Healthy Michigan Plan Enrollment Statistics

Beneficiaries with Healthy Michigan Plan Coverage: 573,115
(Includes beneficiaries enrolled in health plans and beneficiaries not required to enroll in a health plan.)

*Statistics as of April 6, 2015 
*Updated every Monday at 3 p.m.

Yup, the official enrollment tally has dropped by a good 30,000 people over the past week or so. Perhaps this was the correction of a clerical error, or perhaps a whole bunch of folks just managed to get jobs or otherwise improve their lot in life, but whatever the reason, it appears that the peak Medicaid expansion enrollment for Michigan plateaued at 600K. I presume it'll bob up and down around that threshold going forward as normal churn on and off the program takes place, but we'll have to see.