Pennsylvania: ACA Medicaid expansion breaks 200K (but things are a bit messy)

This article is a bit outdated (it's from March 3rd); thanks to Andrew Sprung for finding it for me. Apparently over 200,000 people are now enrolled in Pennsylvania's "Healthy PA" program, which is the "alternative" Medicaid expansion plan set up by GOP Governor Tom Corbett prior to new Democratic Governor Tom Wolf taking charge. Wolf is in the process of flipping the program back to "standard" Medicaid expansion, but is running into a few snags:

Under former Gov. Tom Corbett's Healthy Pennsylvania program, the state built a second Medicaid managed-care system, separate from its HealthChoices Medicaid system that serves about 1.6 million residents. About 600,000 residents are eligible for the expanded coverage and about 200,000 have enrolled. 

...But the transition won't be simple. Healthy Pennsylvania pays providers more than HealthChoices. Not every insurance company that has a Healthy Pennsylvania plan offers a HealthChoices plan, and not all those that do offer both in the same areas of the state. This is a problem because Pennsylvania is broken up into coverage regions were only certain plans can offer Medicaid coverage.

The 200K figure is a significant bump from the 134K from a couple of months ago.