Shorter Burwell to GOP: "Please proceed."

Recently, the House Republicans sent an incredibly "CHOOTZ-PAH" filled letter to HHS Secretary Sylvia Burwell in which they demanded that she tell them what the HHS Dept's "contingency plan" would be in the event that the Supreme Court ends up doing their bidding by tearing away federal tax credits from up to 7.8 million people this summer.

Today, Sec. Burwell responded in the only rational way possible: By pointing out that if they're absolutely determined to destroy the lives of millions of likely voters across 37 states (including swing states like Florida, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin) while simultaneously forcing insurance premiums up an additional 35% or more for everyone else in those states, when it would literally take about 5 minutes for them to "fix" the very issue that they ginned up as the "problem" in the first place, there's not a hell of a lot that she can do to stop them.

More specifically, her response was...well, here's the full text: