Colorado: 139.6K QHPs, 80K Medicaid/CHIP, 24.9K Dental Plans

OK, strike that...Colorado has released their newest data as well as DC and Vermont, leaving just 3 states to go (Connecticut (data since 2/13), Kentucky (data since 2/12) and Idaho, which hasn't posted any updates since way back on January 17th...over a month ago.

Anyway, here's Colorado:

DENVER, CO – Between Nov. 15 and Feb. 15, nearly 220,000 Coloradans enrolled in healthcare coverage for 2015, either in private plans purchased through the health insurance Marketplace, or with Medicaid or Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+), according to new data released today by Connect for Health Colorado® and the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing.

During the three-month open enrollment period, 139,652 people enrolled in private coverage through Connect for Health Colorado; another 76,194 in Medicaid and 3,720 in CHP+.  Connect for Health Colorado also enrolled 24,884 individuals in dental plans.

There's one very interesting tidbit, however:

Among Connect for Health Colorado customers, 54 percent qualified for financial assistance.

Huh. That's surprisingly low...the national average is about 87%, I believe.

Anyway, Connect for Health CO was hoping to enroll 194K people this year; instead they only eked out an 11% gain over 2014's 125.4K, with just shy of 140K. Still, a gain is a gain, and the dental plan numbers seem pretty good to me (not sure why dental is even kept separate, but whatever).