California adds 2 more days to #ACAOvertime (2/22/15)

California originally announced that they'd allow 5 extra days for people who were Waiting In Line as of midnight on 2/15 to complete their enrollment (through 2/20).

They just updated this to tack on 2 extra days, matching Healthcare.Gov (February 22nd):

You Have Until Feb. 22 to Get Across the Finish Line for Health Coverage

Open enrollment for private health coverage through Covered California in 2015 is now over, but Medi-Cal enrollment is year-round (read more below). If you started the process of enrolling in a Covered California plan by Feb. 15 but did not complete your application, you may complete it by Feb. 22 with the assistance of a certified enroller, and you need to pay your first premium payment on that same day in order for your coverage to take effect March 1, 2015.

Note that you may not complete your application on your own through the online application after Feb. 15. You can get help from a Covered California Service Center representative by calling (800) 300-1506, or you can visit "Find Local Help" to find a Certified Enrollment Counselor, Certified Insurance Agent or county eligibility worker who can help you complete the enrollment process. You can also get help from a certified plan-based enroller.

Given that Califonia had, as of Sunday night, a whopping 280K gap between their enrollment tally and their own projected target, anything which helps make up the difference is a Good Thing®.