Kentucky has 99 Luft, 99K QHPs, 51.6K Medicaid

I actually wasn't expecting any further enrollment updates today, but Kentucky has slipped in one more before the final weekend:

To date 150,665 Kentuckians have enrolled in healthcare coverage through #kynect for 2015. Open enrollment ends Feb. 15 at midnight. #ACA

— kynectky (@kynectky) February 13, 2015

Of the 150,665 enrolled > 75,760 renewed enrollments from last year > 23,274 are newly enrolled in private plans > and 51,631 are Medicaid.

— kynectky (@kynectky) February 13, 2015

Here's how KY has ramped up in recent weeks:

  • 1/22: 92,886 QHPs
  • 2/05: 95,927 QHPs (217/day)
  • 2/12: 99,034 QHPs (444/day)

That's more than a 2x enrollment rate increase from last week.

In order to achieve their official goal of 107K, Kentucky will have to enroll 7,966 people in the final 3 days, or 2,655 per day. That would be a further 6-fold increase over the past week's rate. My guess is they won't quite pull it off, but it's not out of the realm of possibility that they will do so.

My own, higher target of 130K for KY seems pretty much unobtainable, however.

Meanwhile, they've also added 51,631 people to Medicaid.