California: 1.314 Million QHPs to date, giving 5 day "extension period" to complete enrollment (UPDATED)

Here we go...from a Final Days to Enroll press release from Covered California:

Since open enrollment began on Nov. 15, more than 354,000 people have selected a plan, including 13,000 people on Tuesday — the second-highest single day of enrollment after the rush to meet the deadline on Dec. 15 to have coverage start on Jan. 1. They join the 944,000 consumers who signed up for coverage for 2014 and began the process of renewing their coverage for 2015.

Let's see how California has ramped up the past week or two:

*I'm not sure whether the "13K on Tuesday" means that Wednesday isn't included or not.

UPDATE: I've already confirmed that this number does not include Wednesday, which is important at this stage of the game.

That means that CA enrolled 15,000 people in 10 days (1/27 - 2/05). That's 1,500/day.

They then followed up with another 66,000 in 5 days, averaging 13,200/ 8.8x increase.

In order to hit their goal of 1.7 million total, they'll have to add a whopping 402,000 QHPs in 5 days (80.4K/day), which would be insane. I could see them hitting 1.5 million, and 1.6 million isn't out of the question, but 1.7 seems like it'd crash the system...

...which brings me to the other bit of CA news:

Obamacare: @CoveredCA gives applicants till Feb 20 to finish enrolling if they tried or make appointment by Feb 15 #ACA

— Chad Terhune (@chadterhune) February 12, 2015

UPDATE: Apparently it was 16K more on Wednesday:

@charles_gaba sounded like wed was 16K, going up

— Chad Terhune (@chadterhune) February 12, 2015

OK, that brings CA's total up to 1.314 million through last night.

That gives them 4 days to enroll 386K, which again explains the 5-day extension period.