Connecticut has 99K QHPs and a glitch ain't one of them

(sorry, couldn't resist)

Connecticut's official 2015 QHP target is an even 100K. They were 99% of the way there as of last night, with no technical problems to speak of gumming up the works:

As of Jan. 30, 95,700 people had signed up for private insurance through Access Health, including about 66,700 repeat customers from 2014. (On Monday, officials said more than 99,000 people had signed up for private insurance plans through the exchange.) By comparison, last year, slightly more than 80,000 people bought insurance through the exchange (though a few thousand dropped out as the year went on).

My own target for CT is 114K. To reach that, they'll have to enroll just 2,100/day for the final week, or less than twice the rate they've averaged so far. This shouldn't be a problem; nationally, I'm expecting QHP enrollments to average around 286K/day all this week, which is around 2.33x more than the average to date, and Connecticut has one of the most solid operations of any state.

Since the first Obamacare sign-up period began in October 2013, the number of Connecticut residents enrolled in Medicaid has grown by more than 127,000. Madrak said total membership – private insurance and Medicaid – is approaching 500,000, although that figure includes many people who already had Medicaid and used the exchange to renew their coverage.

On the Medicaid side, 127K is actually 5,000 fewer than they reported 3 weeks ago, but that's not necessarily a bad thing--Medicaid is supposed to tide people over until they improve their situation, after all.