Connecticut: 90K QHPs, 132K Medicaid thru 1/09

The Access Health CT board of directors is holding a meeting this morning and promises to liveblog the latest developments, including updated enrollment numbers.

Connecticut hasn't updated their numbers since 12/15, when they announced 66K renewals and 19.4K new enrollees, so this should be somewhat interesting.

  • Remember that today (Jan. 15th) is the deadline for February 1st coverage


  • As of last Friday, "around" 90,000 customers (20% higher than last year)
  • 1,500 - 2,000/day...on track to hit/exceed (combined)
  • last year: 100 - 120K total (includes Medicaid)
  • midnight tonight: should have over 500K in system (includes Medicaid)
  • dental: 1K any day now


  • IRS form 1095 (tax credit form)
  • education/outreach/etc. programs already in gear
  • some people already asking questions, etc. re taxes


  • Membership up to 175 companies
  • SHOP has saved sm. businesses over $2M annually & growing
  • $8K - $10K/year per company saved
  • new marketing campaign kicking off in February (no deadline for SHOP)

"all payer claim database" doing well (???)

Access Health Exchange Solutions (?): Peter VanLoom has accepted full-time appointment

(next section: a whole bunch of boring legal mumbo-jumbo regarding the employer mandate and the appeals offense to the woman giving the legal overview, I know it's necessary, but man is it dull...)

While I'm waiting for the hard numbers, it sounds like the "around 90K" figure does refer to QHPs only (they were at 85,466 as of 12/15). So that would be roughly 4,500 more from 12/16 - 1/09, or about 180/day. At that rate, even without any sort of mid-January or mid-February surge, CT should add another 6,600 people by 2/15, bringing them up to around 97K, which would be pretty close to the 100K HHS target.

OK, here we go:

471,881 total as of 1/09

  • “nearly 90K” QHPs since 11/15 - 1/09, 132K Medicaid
  • 24,287 *new* QHPs...83,749 *new* Medicaid

22/78 percent split QHP/Medicaid

500K approaching

  • Connecticare: 43%
  • Anthem BCBS: 31%
  • HealthyCT: 21%
  • United Healthcare: 5%

Expecting a spike as deadlines approach (no kidding!)

  • Total: 66,064 QHP renewals, 24,287 new = 90,351 QHPs total