"2014's Best Healthcare Journalism": I made the cut!

I have no idea whether there's a healthcare-specific awards ceremony or anything, but this seems to be the closest thing to it, so I'll take it: Dan Diamond of The Advisory Board Company has posted his "Best of 2014" list when it comes to healthcare journalism (is it one word or two?), and I'm honored to be mentioned among field luminaries such as Sarah Kliff, Alex Wayne, Nicholas Bagley, Margot Sanger-Katz and many others.

In my case, it wasn't any specific story that I wrote which earned the nod, it was the overall site itself:

The man with all the numbers. Charles Gaba, a self-described "numbers geek," launched ACAsignups.net and immediately became a valuable resource for anyone covering the ACA exchanges' first open enrollment period, or merely curious about how it was going. (His site's transparent reports were a striking contrast to the administration's opacity.) And Gaba's site continues to be a terrific bookmark for all exchange-related information; here's the archive of 80 or so posts about Oregon's sign-up data and exchange woes, for example.

I'm deeply flattered (and impressed that he actually dug through the site and linked to a post I had completely forgotten about from back in February to make his point).