Maryland: 83.7K QHPs, 62.8K Medicaid

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Another update from Maryland:

As of Dec. 28, a total of 146,529 Marylanders have enrolled in quality, affordable health coverage for calendar year 2015 since the 90-day open enrollment period began Nov. 15. That includes 83,735 individuals enrolled in private Qualified Health Plans (QHP) and 62,794 individuals enrolled in Medicaid.

At 83,735 enrollments so far, MD has now enrolled 24% more people than they did during all of the 2014 open enrollment period (67,757 thru April 19th).

Put another way, they've enrolled 375 people per day since their January deadline, which is still 11% faster than the 338/day they averaged during the first open enrollment period (including the December and March surges).

Add another 62,794 to Medicaid and MD's turnaround for 2015 is quite impressive indeed.