Pennsylvania: ACA Medicaid expansion up to 118K (20% of total eligible)

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Mary Anne

Pennsylvania's somewhat confusing version of ACA Medicaid expansion is off to an excellent start:

About 2.3 million Pennsylvanians are currently enrolled in Medicaid, Gillis said, and as of Dec. 22, about 88,000 households had applied for Healthy PA, with approximately 30,000 additional applications sent to the state from The number of applications from each county is not yet available, Gillis said.

The department is still processing applications but, she said, most of the new sign-ups are going into the Private Coverage Option, which is for people who are newly eligible because Healthy Pa.’s income limits — 133 percent of the federal poverty level, with a 5-percent income disregard — will be broader than Medicaid’s are.

PA has around 600K residents eligible for the expansion program, so that's about 20% who have already signed up so far.