California & Vermont join the deadline extension party

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Louise Norris

Earlier today Connecticut and Minnesota announced deadline extensions; now CoveredCA has done so as well...

California’s health insurance exchange extended its deadline for consumers wanting Obamacare coverage in effect by Jan. 1.

Peter Lee, executive director of Covered California, said people who start the application process or make some “good faith effort” by Monday will have until Dec. 21 to finish signing up. Monday at midnight had previously been the hard deadline.

“We are providing this window to get people across the finish line,” Lee said at an exchange board meeting Monday. “We know many of the people applying have never had insurance before, and these are individuals who need to sit down and talk with someone.”

Lee said many insurance agents and enrollment counselors were already fully booked with applicants Monday. He said the deadline extension will allow people to make appointments through Dec. 21.

...and Vermont has apparently had a later deadline for January coverage all along:

Need to Sign Up for Health Insurance?

Please note: January 1 will be the default start date if you confirm a plan choice by December 31. If you don’t need coverage in January, please call 1-855-899-9600 and request a February 1 start date.

...which came as a surprise to me since I could've sworn that they were sticking with 12/15 like most of the other states...

Anyway, that means the NEW deadline lineup (subject to change further...) now stands at:

  • 36 states on Midnight tonight PST (10:00pm in Alaska)
  • CALIFORNIA: Start by midnight tonight PST, complete by 12/21
  • COLORADO: Midnight tonight MST
  • CONNECTICUT: Start by midnight tonight EST, Complete by 12/19
  • DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: Midnight tonight EST
  • HAWAII: Midnight tonight HST
  • IDAHO: Apply for tax credit by midnight tonight MST, Apply/Complete by 12/20
  • KENTUCKY:  Midnight tonight
  • MARYLAND: 12/18
  • MINNESOTA: 12/20 (4:30pm)
  • NEW YORK: 12/20
  • RHODE ISLAND: 12/23
  • VERMONT: 12/31