ALASKA: You only have until 10:00pm tonight! (also, special note for 21-year olds)

OK, this may seem like a minor thing, but you just know there's that one family in Juneau which waits until the last minute...

Midnight Monday, Pacific time, is the deadline for new customers to pick a health plan that will take effect Jan. 1, and for current enrollees to make changes that could reduce premium increases ahead of the new year. and state insurance websites are preparing for heavy online traffic before the deadline, which gives consumers in the East three hours into Tuesday to enroll.

Thanks to contributor farmbellpsu for the heads' up.

Also, 21 year olds (in all states, not just Alaska) should pay special attention:

Doing nothing appears to be a particularly bad idea for people who turned 21 this year, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a Washington group that advocates for low-income people.

Researchers at the center estimate that 21-year-olds will see a 58 percent increase in the sticker price for their premiums just because they're a year older. An age-adjustment factor used to compute premiums jumps substantially when a person turns 21. A 20-year-old whose premium was $130 per month in 2014 will see the premium climb to $205 a month in 2015, solely because of that year's difference.