Nevada: More than 10K QHPs to date (UPDATED)

This is a nice article giving a status report on how things are going in Nevada (which, along with Oregon, scrapped their own ACA exchange last year and moved over to Healthcare.Gov). It includes a straightforward enrollment number: "more than 10,000" right in the title.

However, the wording of the article makes it unclear as to whether that number includes unsubsidized QHP enrollments or just the 85% or so who qualify for tax credits:

Compared to last year’s rollout, Nevada Health Link is showing stronger numbers so far in this year’s open enrollment.

More than 10,000 Nevadans have enrolled for subsidized health care plans through the state insurance program.

The enrollment numbers are good news and show signs of improvements at Health Link, Nevada’s online health care market.

At this time last year, only 6,000 people had signed up. It was Health Link’s first year online.

The comparison number below (6,000 last year) make it sound like 10K includes everyone, but the "subsidized" caveat makes it sound like it doesn't, in which case the total number should be roughly 11,700 or so.

I'll go with the lower 10K number for now, however.

UPDATE: I've received clarification from the reporter that yes, the 10K figure does include both subsidized and unsubsidized enrollments.

So, that's 10K in 25 days, or 400 per day on average. For comparison, last year NV averaged just 227 per day.

UPDATE: OK, the exact number reported is 10,198.