Pennsylvania: ACA Medicaid Expansion hits 11.5K in 1st 2 days

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Richard Mayhew

Pennsylvania is about to suffer from whiplash with their version of Medicaid expansion; outgoingĀ GOP Governor Tom Corbett set it up as an Arkansas-style "private option" program, but incoming Democratic Governor Tom Wolf plans on switching everything back over to "standard" Medicaid expansion after he takes office, so things could get a bit confusing for awhile.

The good news, anyway, is that it's off to a great start:

Gillis said people have reached the call center, but calls were taking longer than expected, with some taking two hours or more.

Meanwhile, she said the online enrollment process is working well. She said the state received 11,500 applications during the first two days of enrollment. There is no enrollment deadline, but people who want coverage on the first day it's available, Jan. 1, must enroll by Dec. 15, Gillis said.